Shopify Scalable Solution: 5 Best Apps to Recover Abandoned Shopping Cart

Shopify Scalable Solution: 5 Best Apps to Recover Abandoned Shopping Cart

There is a way to improve abandoned shopping cart rate! Shopify scalable solution offers you these 5 great apps to check out!

Shopify is one of the best scalable ecommerce solutions on the market.

In the Shopify App Store, you can find all kinds of apps – marketing apps, design apps, apps that will help you improve the performance of your store, and apps will help you decrease the abandoned shopping cart rate.

The apps designed to prevent shopping cart abandonment in the purchase process which can help you improve sales and double your revenue.

Here are – the best Shopify apps that will help you reduce abandonment. Some of those apps send automatic emails to customers who left without purchasing, others add a timer to your store, and more.

  • Recart Messenger Marketing: This app sends messages to people who have left your store without purchasing the products in the shopping cart. The app integrates with Facebook Messenger. The user can subscribe and you can contact him later through Facebook.
  • Moonmail Recover Checkouts: A great app that allows you to send messages manually or automatically to people who have left your website without completing the order. This Shopify app has 5 different email templates. You can internationalize your strategy, based on the country you are targeting.
  • Abandonment Protector: This app will send up to 3 emails to each customer who leaves your website without purchasing. The app comes with great email templates (pre-designed template galleries) to choose from. Abandonment protector also offers drag-and-drop email editor and statistics to help you track the result of your emails.
  • Conversion Plus: This app allows you to add a cart reservation timer. The timer informs you how much time your customers have to complete the order before something happens. Conversion Plus comes with a responsive design (suitable for different devices), multi-language support, and more. The app is super easy to use.
  • Abandonment Guard: Abandonment Guard is designed to help you improve the recovery of abandonment cart by sending messages to potential customers. Just like any other app on this list, this app sends messages to customers who left without completing the order. Customizable email templates, custom rules, and statistics to evaluate the performance of the messages are some of the strengths of this app.

By using these apps, you can prevent cart abandonment and improve your sales!

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